I have a friend. His name is John. A few years ago when we met up with john, he told me how life was hard and that he couldn’t find a job. Today, I met john across the street. He had just parked his nice car by the street corner and seemed to be in a rush. Hadn’t seen him for a while and judging by how he looked, he seemed to be living large. So I stopped him for a quick chat. Two minutes later, John says he does not have much time. He has a board meeting to attend and an evening class that will help him get the certification he needs for a promotion. As we parted ways, I was left wondering: when will there be sufficient time? Time to spend quality time with those we love without having to worry about money? For your information, john is not just any other guy. He has what many do not have. Papers decorated with the first letter of the Alphabet in a neat impressive fashion and a seal from a reputable institution. People call them certificates. But to me, these are mere representations of what one was at the time they sat for the exam. Most people, me included, would not even score the same grade they did if the same exam was to be redone today.

John is a product of our failed education system. A system that churns out more employers and leaves the making of entrepreneurs to chance. Yet for an employee to exist there must be an employer. This is unlike the chicken and egg puzzle; the employer comes first and the employee follows. If that is the case, why are centers of learning churning out servants and not masters? Why do we brag of graduating more paper doctors than doctors at heart? Recently, I read a story in the news of a mother who gave birth outside the hospital because she was denied admission to the hospital for lack of money. What has become our society? Are we breeding money engineers and money doctors? Everything today is about money. Parents tell their children to study courses that have money; courses that will help them live a good life. But I can’t blame them. A parent only studies their failures and offers alternative routes that he/she thinks would have made them more successful.

Being a parent has put me in the exact situation my parents were. I worry about how my son will live in future. Our inflation rates are growing and so is our economy. From little economics I know, our spending per commodity is going to increase tremendously as a consequence of a strengthening economy. The big boys, like the U.S., can attest to this. Being a statistician, am also aware that sample findings can be used to predict the future. Our present is the sample. Based on current findings, by 2050, there will be more people dying for lack of medication and our hope of being innovators as a country will have gone down the drain. Reason? Doctors and Engineers are poorly paid. These are just two of the professions that will be affected. There are much more that will follow suit.

So where did we go wrong as a society? To better understand our predicament, let us borrow the insight of reverse engineering. The reason why John needs another degree to move up his pay grade is because there are many people to be promoted and there must be a fair process of selection. The reason why there are many potential candidates for the post is because there many employees looking the job. The reason why there are many employees eyeing the post is because there are few companies to absorb them. Few companies are as a result of training more employees and fewer employers.

Similarly, the reason why doctors will let patients die for lack of money is the upbringing we had. We have been taught that to be successful is to drive the latest car in the market, live in posh neighborhoods and have huge bank accounts balances. People become doctors not because they want to help people but because it is the profession that guarantees wealth. So when the promise is broken, we end up with the problems we perceive today.

As a society, we need to re-evaluate the values we uphold. Parents need to tell their children, that being successful is not driving the best car in the market, but putting a smile on another person’s face. Institutions need to teach their students that nurturing your talent to make the world a better place is more important than the money you make doing it or a grade you score in a test. Don’t get me wrong. Am not saying money is less important; am saying there should be a greater purpose for doing something other than money.

I believe each one of us has something they are good at. Something that was meant to make the world a better place. Take time to study yourself. Nurture that which you are good at and find out ways of making money with what you are good at. One way that cuts across all professions is helping others achieve what you have achieved. With the advances in technology, you can do this from the comfort your home. You can create an e-course that shows others how to do something. If you are a musician, create a course that shows other upcoming musicians how to get where you are. If you can offer guitar lessons, create a course that teaches others how to do the same. If you are a programmer, teach others to program or create an application that solves a problem in society. You can sell these materials and make passive income out of what you know best. This way, you will not only impact the world positively but have everything that you want in this life. In Zig Ziglar’s words,


No matter how wealthy we become, we cannot create more time. We have to learn to use that which we have. Stop working that job that you hate and start creating what you love. It may not make you more money at the start but it will bring you more satisfaction. Invest time not in hating your present job but in finding ways to monetize your passion. You do not need to go the conventional schools. Learn from Google and Youtube and other educational platforms. Trust me, there are people around the world who have been where you are and are willing to show you how they succeeded. Just learn from them. That way I believe, we will have better doctors, better engineers, and musicians who stand the test of time. Each of these will offer services for the greater good and not for the money. Surprising when we take this route, we will be richer and more satisfied than we are today.