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The story of the man who stopped three feet from gold

Let me tell you a story, a story about a man who was filled with determination and zeal to transform his financial destiny. He lived in the gold-rush days when everyone knew all you had to do to succeed is dig. He found a potential gold mine and began to dig. The going was tough but his...


How to market an Academic Writing Website

For every 10 academic writers I talk to, 8 have had at least one their writing account closed. I too have worked with accounts and can relate with the feeling of having your account closed. It can be really devastating especially if that was your only source of livelihood. However, it does not...


6 reasons why you should start an online business today

If there is a cliche that I have heard countless time from both employed and unemployed people is that they should start a business. The young people want to start a business but have no capital while those advanced in age believe they are too late for that. They have kids in school and...


Use your talent to change the world and live the life you desire

Courtesy: I have a friend. His name is John. A few years ago when we met up with john, he told me how life was hard and that he couldn’t find a job. Today, I met john across the street. He had just parked his nice car by the street corner and seemed to be in a rush....